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Join us!


Institute for Transition consists of an ever growing network of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, activists, facilitators and experts in various areas. We are constantly looking for more people committed to the journey of creating an equal, inclusive and sustainable world. If this is you, then please reach out!


Curious about a possible collaboration with us, or just want to know a little bit more? Drop us a line!


You can invest as a private person or as an organisation. Investments are made directly to true entrepreneurship for societal change and a better future. We do not invest in shallow sustainability projects with no real impact. 


Invest for Transition invests both in innovation projects and partner funds with focus on true change. The investments are qualified and strictly monitored by the investment board, with competences in new sustainability economics, and a new standard for investment metrics (more info coming soon).

Reach out if you are interested in participating!

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